Foyer encastrable au bois Fusion 18

The Fusion 18 is an ideal insert for consumers wishing to integrate the latest heating technologies into their current home. Compact model of the series, the Fusion 18 nevertheless has a large combustion chamber and a large glass door offering a clear view of the liveliness and charm of the fire. Its elegant design is a reflection of the refinement of its engineering, supported by more than thirty years of research and development. Several patented mechanisms underpin its unparalleled technology, such as the air control which regulates combustion automatically and ensures longevity of your fire while emitting less air particles. The set of two powerful, yet quiet, thermostatic fans delivers satisfying heat over a large area,

The Fusion 18 meets the strictest emission standards of the EPA, making it an ideal choice for consumers wishing to convert their energy-intensive home into an eco-responsible and efficient heating without compromising the aesthetic appearance.